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Image by Raphael Cruz

Tomorrow Energy Gets Green Light for 180MW/360MWh Storage Project in Eemshaven

Batterij opslag systeem

Tomorrow Energy, a leading player in the Dutch sustainable energy sector, has received a permit from the Municipality of Het Hogeland to construct a Battery Storage System in Eemshaven. The project, named "Holland Battery ", will make a significant contribution to the energy transition in the Netherlands.


The strategic choice of Eemshaven as the location for this project is no coincidence. As the energy hub of the Netherlands, and with a third of the national energy supply coming from here, Eemshaven is the ideal place for Tomorrow Energy's largest storage project so far. "We are extremely proud and grateful for this opportunity to build a significant project here," said Hakkan Yildirim of Tomorrow Energy.


The project is now moving into the next phase, where intensive work with various partners  for the preparation, planning, construction, and financing of the system. The project will be directly connected to the expected to be operational in 2027.


Hakkan Yildirim, director of Tomorrow Energy, emphasized the professionalism and determination of the development team: "This project is a crowning achievement for our team and underscores our commitment to play a significant role in the energy transition of the Netherlands with ‘Holland Battery ’ and other initiatives."

About Tomorrow Energy

Tomorrow Energy is at the forefront of sustainable energy projects in the Netherlands, we strive for innovative solutions to the energy challenges of tomorrow. By working closely with stakeholders, Tomorrow Energy is committed to keeping green energy available and affordable in the Netherlands. With a strong focus on innovation, Tomorrow Energy works on smart and sustainable energy solutions for tomorrow.


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